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Frames sizes come in 3 main units of measurement, namely imperial (feet and inches) metric (centimetres) & the International Standards Organisation (ISO) system . The ISO system is sometimes mistaken as a metric system; in fact it is neither Imperial or Metric but an index of standards.

In the United Kingdom (UK) the most commonly encountered size is A4. This is the size which is most often used for documents and certificates. Due to the popularity of home computers and printers , it has become a common photograph size.

The dimensions of A4 are 11.69 inches x 8.27 inches in imperial measurement, or 297mm by 210mm in metric. The key characteristic of an ISO size is it retains its aspect ratio (shape) when folded or doubled.

An A4 frame means that an A4 size picture can be framed by dropping the sheet into the insert area without cutting. Frame sizes by convention refer to the area of picture to be framed, which means (with the exception of borderless clip frames) that the actual frame will be larger than the specified size. The overall visible frame size can be estimated by adding the frame moulding size less a 1/4" to the frame (insert) size.

Size A4 has good reason to be popular, it is aesthetically pleasing, provides a useful size for document use, easily scaled, and gives a near 3 by 2 Aspect ratio for photograph use.

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  • Supplied with traditional glass or plastic as option.
  • External Dimensions 25cm x 34cm x 2 or 3 cm.
  • Internal Area 29.84cm x 20.95cm (Perfect for A4).
  • Hard Back and strut for Desktop, clips for Hanging.
  • Suitable for Portrait or Landscape pictures.
Frame Moulding Materials:
Antique Pine, Black Wood, Pine, Teak, and Rooftop Black are manufactured using solid wood; stained as appropriate and lightly varnished. The Flat Beech uses MDF covered with a Beech Effect laminate, the remainder are manufactured from acrylic (plastic), lacquered finished for the gold frames.

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Panel specifications A4 frames.



Option Styrene Plastic 'Glass'

Frames are supplied with traditional glass as standard. As an optional extra frames can be supplied with Styrene (Perspex like) plastic glass. Virtually unbreakable with appearance of glass, this provides a suitable 'Health and Safety' solution for vulnerable environments (Schools, Prisons etc.)

Styrene Plastic Glass Option

Panel A4 Styrene Safety Glass.

A4 Picture Frames

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a4 picture FRAME - SAFETY GLASS OPTION available

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A4 Antique Pine Wood Frame
A4 Picture Frame
3/4" Antique Pine £4.50
Black Wood Frame
A4 Certificate Frame
3/4" Black Wood £4.50
Narrow Gold
A4 Picture Frame
3/4" Narrow Gold £4.50
Pine Wood
A4 Photo Frame
3/4" Pine Wood £4.50
A4 Teak Wood Frame
A4 Picture Frame
3/4" Teak Wood £4.50
Slope Silver Design
A4 Certificate Frame
1" Slope Silver £4.99
A4 Rooftop Black Frame
A4 Picture Frame
1.25" Rooftop Black £5.99
Dome Gold
A4 Photo Frame
1.4" Dome Gold £5.99
Flat White Style
A4 Picture Frame
1" Flat White £5.99
Flat Beech Effect
A4 Picture Frame
1.25" Flat Beech £5.99